August 1, 2011: MyRO and HypeRO are cancelled! by Rick

Instead check out this new server I "found."  Look at

June 23, 2011: Hype RO and MyRO are both still running by Rick

Feel free to use it, but the torrent is no longer well seeded.

January 30, 2011: Hype RO is up and Running! by GM Bethany

Yey!! ;D

January 27, 2011: Launch scheduled for HypeRO! by Rick

We will be launching this Friday 1/28/2011 6:00PM central (7:00PM eastern if you don't know there is a central time.)  New server is located in Pennsylvania, but I prefer to go by central time anyways because I am the Admin.  Items that...

More News...


This is a 99/70 server with no leveling and no hunting. Talking to the Job NPC will level you up for free, and all equipment is available for free via an advanced NPC in Amatsu. There is no donation equipment, but there is event equipment which is not really more powerful or useful than equipment that you can get from the NPC. Consumables like potions, acid bottles, etc cost zeny according to their going market prices on iRO chaos server, but you do not have to do anything to obtain zeny. Zeny will be provided to you in a trickle whenever you are playing. This server is mostly about PVP, but we have a few GMs around making different events. Also, I have made some customizations for the non-transcendant classes. Several skill packs are available to make things interesting. They still don't seem to overpower the trans classes, but hey maybe you can find a way.

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